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Annual Ryegrass – Manage it Properly

Managing annual ryegrass is not rocket science…but it is all about science. Therefore, being precise about the process of killing the cover crop is important. In prior posts, you’ve learned about the timing, the weather, the proper mix of glyphosate, … Continue reading

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Annual Ryegrass as Haylage – More Profit and Protein

According to an article today in SE Farm Press, annual ryegrass is among the top quality forages available for livestock. Check out the article by clicking here:

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Killing Annual Ryegrass – Part 2

Annual ryegrass is a vigorous plant. Planted last summer or fall, the roots can be established to more than 5 feet into the soil. So, even if there’s only 6 – 8 inches of top growth, treat annual ryegrass as … Continue reading

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