National Wildlife Federation Advocating Cover Crops – Offers Free Webinar

On Thursday of this week, Oct. 13, the National Wildlife Federation will be offering a free webinar (web seminar) on Future Friendly Farming. In the past couple of years, environmental organizations are increasingly getting on board with conservation agriculture, seeing farming as a way to enhance the soil while also cleaning waterways and the air.

Here’s a  link to the free webinar.

This will take you to a website where you can enter your name and then the Elluminate Webinar software will download automatically onto your computer. You should then be placed in our webinar. You do not have to enter the name you registered with, any name will do. Please try to do this 5 minutes before our webinar, which will begin promptly at 11 am eastern, 10 am central.

The audio portion of the presentation can be heard by dialing 1-800-791-2345 and then entering extension 48884# You will be placed on mute by the conference operator.

You will be able to ask questions by typing them into a box in the webinar screen.

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