Van Tilberg Talks about Strip-Till with Annual Ryegrass Cover Crops

We’ll have more info on this in the next week, but here’s some of what Matt Van Tilberg presented at the recent Cover Crop Conference in Decatur, IL. in the first week in December. The following paragraph is from Van Tilberg Farms’ website, where the full news story is located…click here for that story.

Over the past three years Van Tilberg Farms (VTF) has been researching the need for cover crops in our own operation as well as in our local community. We have successfully designed a seeder that will improve your cover cropping process. Advantages with this new technology are cover crops establishing an early stand – which
allows more time for growth, seeding in windy conditions, even application (no streaks), and provides
more opportunities to harvest during wet seasons. VTF can seed rye, clover, peas and radishes or a
mixture of these. Our equipment has 90’ booms to minimize tracking and 6’ crop clearance for seeding
in standing corn, on board scales and metered seed for accurate seeding rate.

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2 Responses to Van Tilberg Talks about Strip-Till with Annual Ryegrass Cover Crops

  1. Rachel Martin says:

    I am very interested in seeing both prices and information about your seeders.

    • Tim Buckley says:

      There is information on the annual ryegrass site on growers of seed, but we have no specific information on seeders. I think the Van Tilberg’s built their own. I’ll refer you to Dan Towery,, one of our team members, who lives in Indiana and has lots of contacts for high-clearance seeders. When I “Googled” “high clearance seeder”, I got lots of websites and YouTube videos.

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