BASF Product “Sharpen” Being Tried as Additive to Glyphosate for Annual Ryegrass Burndown – Stay Tuned

 Here is an email I received, via Dan Towery, about the use of Sharpen (a BASF product) in burndown of Annual Ryegrass, along with a description of how it works. 

I was doing a cover crop program in Frankfort yesterday.   The coop agronomist and farmer (David Chance) added 1 oz of Sharpen to the glyphosate mix.  Complete annual ryegrass kill in 5-7 days with temperature in high 50’s.    I was surprised since it is a broadleaf herbicide but it appears that adding it allows the glyphosate to translocate better even in cool conditions.  They felt they can consistently take the annual ryegrass out with one application. Also does a good job on Roundup resistant mairestail and other  trouble weeds.

MIX:1 gt of glyphosate, 1 oz/ac of Sharpen, 8.5 lbs AMS/100 gal, 1% MSO  (1gal/100gal)

Cost is about $5/ac

 How Kixor Herbicide Works. (promotional info.) Kixor is a potent inhibitor of chlorophyll biosynthesis, resulting in a rapid buildup of reactive oxygen species and lipid peroxidation of the cellular membranes. This drives a rapid loss of membrane integrity, leading to cellular leakage and rapid weed death.

And, here is a response from Jamie Scott, who used Sharpen this year in his cover crop burndown program:



We used 1 oz of sharpen along with quart and a half of glyphosate. Didn’t
kill the clover or all of the ryegrass. Seemed to be all in the timing this
year. Some areas are having trouble with sharpen effecting the crop as well.


So, as with many other aspects of cover crop management, this is another aspect of the “WAIT AND SEE” category…as more field trial work “sharpens” our understanding of the best practices with annual ryegrass and other cover crops.

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